Shipping Information

Planet Of Scissors offer the following Shipping Options. With courier companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT you will pay high price for each kg but you will get very fast delivery time and an online tracking facility. Now a days mostly economy courier shipments takes just 5 - 6 working days to arrive in any country from Pakistan and an online tracking facility and door to door service for the buyer. I personally use sometimes DHL and mostly Economy Courier Services for dispatch the small and heavy shipments because Economy Courier Service takes reasonable delivery charges and provide fair delivery time.

5 most popular methods you can use to import scissors from Planet Of Scissors.

  • DHL click here for tracking (Arrival in 3 - 4 Business Days)
  • UPS click here for tracking (Arrival in 3 - 4 Business Days)
  • FedEx click here for tracking (Arrival in 3 - 4 Business Days)
  • TNT click here for tracking (Arrival in 3 - 4 Business Days)
  • Economy Courier Service click here for tracking (Arrival in 5 - 6 Business Days)
  • Please Feel Free to drop us an email for different countries shipping rates.

​We recommend use Economy Courier Service for import scissors because this service will save your money and will not charge VAT from you on buying 50 scissors


  • ​Please note that Business Days do not include Weekends or National Public Holidays.
  • Please also note that the payment of Import Duties and Taxes (VAT) are typically the responsibility of the customer/buyer.
  • We are not responsible for the shipments delayed in transit/customs.

 International Taxes and Customs Charges.

May be International customers need to pay Sales Taxes, Duties or Customs Charges.

  • ​All Taxes and Customs Charges are the fully responsibility of the customer and are not included in the cost of order or shipping charges. Taxes and Customs Charge are different for different countries. We suggest you please contact with your local Customs Office if you are unsure of the Applicable Taxes and Customs Fees that are relevant to you. Planet Of Scissors is not responsible for any Additional Taxes and Customs Charges that are requested during the shipment of your order.

Approximately Weight Of Scissors.

Approximately all patterns of scissors from size 5.0" inch to 6.5" inch in 1 Kg 14 - 17 scissors can be packed in normal poly bag packing and similarly approximately all patterns of scissors from size 7.0" inch to 10" inch in 1 Kg 8 - 10 scissors can be packed in normal poly bag packing.